Cargolux B747-200F

Vydáno v roce 1995 jako dvě VHS videokazety, o 15 let později Vám přinášíme oba díly na jednom DVD. 150 minut.

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Cargolux B747-200F

Vydáno v roce 1995 jako dvě VHS videokazety, o 15 let později Vám přinášíme oba díly na jednom DVD.

 Poletíte letoun 747-200 z New Yorku JFK do Detroitu. Během letu z Detroitu do Keflavíku je posádka nucena divertovat do Prestwicku kvůli nepřízni počasí. Dále poletíte na palubě do Lucemburska a během cesty obdržíte spoustu užitečných informací a poučných prezentací.

Cargolux byly první aerolinie, které začaly provozovat B747-400F. Vzali si od Boeingu 3 letounu včetně prvního  prototypu, ve kterém Vám přinášíme záběry z non-stop letu z Lucemburku do San Franciska. Během letu dostanete spoustu informací z kokpitu, uvidíte překrásné scenérie.

Informace o letech





Doba letu




CV 778



JFK New York JFK

DTW Detroit, USA



CV 779



DTW Detroit, USA

PIK Glasgow Prestwick, UK



CV 779



PIK Glasgow Prestwick, UK




CV 774




SFO San Francisco, USA



Just Planes continues its tradition of high quality airliner videos with Flight in the Cockpit 4: Cargolux. After arrival at JFK, the crew of LX-BCV, a Boeing 747-271C, clears customs while cargo is unloaded and loaded. Once the aircraft is secured, it is time for the short flight to Detroit. Here, additional cargo is loaded and fuel taken on for the return flight to Luxembourg via Keflavik, Iceland. However, due to fog at Keflavik, viewers are treated to a diversion to Prestwick, Scotland, where a beautiful night landing is made. Forty-five minutes later, the flight departs for Luxembourg. En route, viewers see a great sunrise.
Flight in the Cockpit 4 not only shows take-offs and landings from inside the cockpit but, through the use of an inset, provides the view from outside the aircraft. It is like being in two places at one time. Between the take-offs and landings, viewers are given information about Cargolux. One segment deals with the current network. Another profiles the operational side (flight planning, maintenance, etc.). Perhaps the most interesting segment deals with the history of Cargolux. This segment shows still photos of its 1st aircraft, the Canadair CL-44 and the Boeing 707. Another portion details the history of LX-BCV.
The use of background music is kept to a minimum. When scenes inside the aircraft appear, no music is used at all. This distraction has been replaced by the extremely interesting audio feed of ATC communications and the pilots performing their various checklists and briefings. The camera frequently pans the instrument panel at a speed slow enough to actually allow the viewer to read the instruments.
Flight in the Cockpit 4: Cargolux expertly condenses three flights covering 9 hours 45 minutes into a interesting 90-minute video complete with the history of Cargolux1s operations. This is a must-have video.


Another amazing blast from the past. Although the ATC communication quality is not as good as the newer releases, the program still brings back many memories of when I watched these for the first time on VHS. A definite keeper! Keep bringing back old VHS on DVD!!!! Michael Wilkes, CANADA

Thanks so much for re-releasing this video. I remember requesting that you consider this as there was soon many virtual pilots at Cargolux Virtual who would be interested. I ordered it as soon as I go the notification from you and it certainly does not disappoint. Thanks for your perseverance in “getting us into” the cockpit. I listened to your interview on FSBreak with interest. Warm regards.Jerry Wake, CANADA

I remember buying both videos featuring Cargolux back in the late 1990's. I enjoyed both. I liked the takeoff, from runway 31R, at JFK; the landing and takeoff at Detroit; the night landing and takeoff at Prestwick; the landing at Luxembourg; and the cockpit scenes on the Boeing 747-200F video (Flight in Cockpit 4). On the Boeing 747-400F video (Flight in Cockpit 7), I was very impressed with all the scenery (e.g. view of the Rockies, view of the Golden Gate, and the landing on runway 28R at San Francisco). The Captain on the flight to San Francisco does a wonderful job with his presentation. In fact all three Captains did a wonderful job in keeping the viewers with the progress on all of the flights. I also liked the scenes of the first Boeing 747-400F making its first flight. I was hoping that Justplanes would release both videos on DVD. Therefore, when I heard that Justplanes was releasing them DVD, I ordered the DVD. I received the Cargolux DVD on July 1st 2010 - I already started watching it. I strongly suggest that all of the customers of Justplanes buy this DVD. 
John C. McCreery, USA

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